DevOps Cloud Engineer

DevOps Cloud Engineer | 12 Weeks Program

Learn to implement the DevOps culture across all your teams and all of your IT value chains.
A DevOps practice is built on a foundation of culture, tools, and structured collaboration. Cross-functionality of teams is critical, as is ongoing support from leaders and managers. Automation and high-efficiency tools support everything. Above all, the essential ingredient is the transformation in mentality of your IT teams from a focus on individual job roles to one of unified team mission. That transformation requires trust, new tools, and a tangible plan. It requires speed, high visibility, and an Agile mentality for everyone involved in developing, deploying, and maintaining applications.

This 12 weeks DevOps course is loaded with practical real-world tools and techniques. From the nation’s largest Agile development trainer comes a comprehensive program to get you started on the road to DevOps success. You will leave this course fully literate in the entire array of available DevOps tools and lessons, ready to select what’s right for you and chart a path to fully realized IT success in your own organization.

You will learn and understand how to...

Cloud Foundations

Learn the fundamentals of cloud computing while being introduced to compute power, security, storage, networking, messaging, and management services in the cloud.

Deployment Infrastructure as Code (IAC)

In this course, you’ll learn how to deploy the underlying infrastructure components that provide security and services to our servers by writing scripts using CloudFormation, AWS’ tool for Infrastructure as Code. You will use CloudFormation to deploy Infrastructure patterns that are used in the industry broadly and can be readily used to deploy any cloud application. Like in the real world, you will begin with initial business requirements that you will turn into Cloud Architecture Diagrams. Then you will deploy this architecture using CloudFormation.

Build CI/CD pipeline, Monitoring and Logging

Learn how to stretch for Continuous Delivery as your “true north” while you build CI/CD systems that automate the “stuff” between developers and the cloud. You’ll gain essential knowledge and put it into practice as you learn about Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. You’ll combine your existing knowledge of Cloud Formation and AWS with new tools like Ansible and Circle CI. You’ll also learn how to keep an eye on your deployments with proactive monitoring and alerting.

Micro Services at Scales Using Kubernetes or Dockers

In this course, you learn to create and deploy a Kubernetes/Dockers cluster, configure kubernetes autoscale and load test a kubernetes application. You’ll learn to operationalize both existing and new microservices and apply containers best practices. You’ll learn to deploy Machine Learning microservices that are elastic and fault tolerant. You’ll learn to pick the appropriate abstraction for microservices: Serverless (AWS Lambda) or Container Orchestration (Kubernetes).

This training is designed to help you understand the CICD Pipeline and how to utilize it to propel your organization. We design this program to help you achieve the following objectives.
  • Gain Extensive Knowledge as a DevOps Engineer through Real Life projects
  • DevOps Certification Preparation
  • One on One Interview Prep
  • Live Instructor
  • Hands on Project